U.S. Defense Imagery and the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

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Visit defenseimagery.mil if your documentary or research requires U.S. Government defense images. Defense Imagery claims to have all their images and media from 1982 and forward available and searchable online. It’s a great place to star looking as most government images fall under the public domain.

Knowing that while Pentagon is the Department of Defense headquarters, the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center (DIAC) is where a lot of the heavy lifting occurs. One such heavy lifter is Ana Belen Montes. We were able to locate her affidavit which provided the address and room number for her office which is located in the DIAC across the Potomac from the Pentagon.

While wikimedia.org had some images of the DIAC, they were all taken before the re-construction process in 2003-2005, and Ana Montes was arrested in 2001. Paying a visit DefenseImagery.mil proved to be the best approach for finding older photographs of the building. We were able to find an aerial shot of the building from 1984, which is most likely visually the same as it was in 1985 when she was hired and 2001 when she was arrested.

Find more about Ana Belen Montes relation to Numbers Stations and espionage when we release Clandestine.