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Locally produced spy documentary showing Saturday

April 1st 2010 by Michael Dumas for Press Register
“Our nation’s enemies, working in our midst, must use codes.” So says an unidentified American military official, seen through scratchy archival footage as he demonstrates the tools and techniques of the espionage trade. The scene is from the short film “Clandestine,” which premieres Saturday evening at the Mobile library’s main branch. Read more »

Local Documentary No Longer “Clandestine”

March 23rd 2010 by Asia Frey for Lagniappe Magazine
Managing to be both illuminating and disorienting at the same time, “Clandestine” is a rare and effective mix of authentic archival material and imagined narrative elements, creating a truly unique viewing experience. Read more »

10 Questions with Gideon & Marcus (with Code!)

March 16th 2010 by Charles Judson for Atlanta Film Festival 365
In the early days of film the norm was to store a print for a few years after an initial run and when space was needed, to burn it. ... Unfortunately, it wasn't until the 1960s that film preservation really started in earnest and it really wasn't till the 1980s there were enough techniques developed to salvage the large number films that were literally crumbling...

What directors Kennedy and Rosentrater have done is to go beyond preservation and have, in the tradition of oral storytelling, reordered the familiar to craft a new narrative that's grounded in reality, tinged in paranoia and intimately personal. Read more »


March 7th 2010 by Cynthia Corral for CQCentral
[Clandestine] is a 30 minute film and I found it to be fascinating and well told. I like when documentaries teach us something, and this doc was quite interesting. Read more »

Mar 3: Cinequest, further down the rabbit hole.

March 3rd 2010 by Richard von Busack for Metroactive
Clandestine by Gideon Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater is a fascinating Jay Rosenblatt-style trip down memory lane with help from the Prelinger and other archives. The mystery of sinister “number talkers” is used to contrast the secrets of the narrator’s father: he was another one of those 1950s men much better at dealing with a ham radio than with people in the room. Still: “My father was not, as they say, a member of the second oldest profession”—that is, a spy. Read more »

Mod Mobilian reviews "Clandestine"

February 1st 2010 by Doc Ted
Based on previews, we expected a technically and intellectually riveting film. It was – and by the overused “riveting” we mean it will capture your attention completely. As Cinequest describes it: "Clandestine (is) a virtuosic mini-masterpiece about family and identity." Read more »

IDFA Kill Your Darlings: Espionage case changes ending

November 20th 2009 by IDFA Kill Your Darlings
There is a special place for those pieces of film we love but sometimes have to leave behind. The IDFA has created a place to publish these "darlings" where the filmmakers can talk briefly about why they loved it, and why it was removed. Here is the segment Gideon Kennedy & Marcus Rosentrater left behind. Read more »

CA.TV Interview: Filmmaker Gideon Carson Kennedy, "Clandestine"

November 3rd 2009 by CoastalAlabama.TV
CA.TV is proud to have interviewed Gideon Carson Kennedy, Program Director of the SoAl Film Fest, and also with Marcus Rosentrater, maker of "Dick-George, Tenn-Tom" , the video for El Cantador's "Glean", and the new "Clandestine" which is premiering at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam this month. Read more »