Things Ana Belen Montes must do after serving 25 years in jail

When Ana Belen Montes is released from prision, scheduled to be July 1st 2023, she will have to comply with the conditions of her release put in place by Judge Ricardo Urbina on September 21st 2002.

She will deny government contributions to her Thrift Savings Program. She will endure five years probation. She will be participate in 500 hours of Community Service. She will regularly undergo drug testing. She will allow authorities to perform random searches on her computer. She will allow them to copy all of her data onto external drives. She will allow them to install technologies that observe her computer use. She will provide funding for this equipment. She will not be allowed any data encryption software. She will maintain a daily log of everything she does on her computer by pencil and paper. She will not be allowed to use the internet at home or at work without prior approval. She cannot receive any benefits from foreign entities. She cannot work for the US government. She cannot work for a foreign government. She will have her income tax returns reviewed. She is to have no direct contact with foreign operatives. She is to have no indirect contact with foreign operatives. Yet, she has a right to an appeal within ten days… but that was expired October 2nd 2002.

At least she is alive.

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