Romeo Agent

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Markus Wolf (1923-2006)

The general idea of what popular culture considers to be a spy is in fact a sub-genre of spy classified as a “Romeo Agent”. This is a spy who uses the powers of seduction to squeeze information from an unsuspecting woman. Honeypot being the female counterpart. Markus Wolf, a now known “Romeo”, is quoted in his memoir’s as saying “if I go down in espionage history, it may well be for perfecting the use of sex in spying.” (see link)

Clandestine does indeed paint another portrait of the spy, one that stays up through the night in a corner of the house cuddled next to their Shortwave radio, logging Numbers Stations. Yet it also sheds light on the public perception of a spy, one closer to Markus Wolf, and how the lifestyle of a “Romeo” might be desired by the ordinary citizen.