Clandestine on Facebook

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Clandestine is now seeking an audience in a social network near you. The official Clandestine Facebook page is up and the “fans” are pouring in. In the process of getting a page on facebook, we came across some groups that fans of Clandestine might be interested in:

The Conet Project: Decyphering Numbers Stations

Numbers Stations

Shortwave Radio Listeners (SWL’s)

Just to name a few.

In a way, part of the draw of being an amateur radio operator must be similar to the sensation one gets on a social network. The ability to connect with total strangers or long lost friends. But that’s off the topic. Will governments or agents use social networks as a way to transmit ciphered data? Are they using it now? After all, the blog is a broadcast similar to the short wave — anyone in the world can pick it up, and know the source. But of all those that read the blog, which one is the spy.

Likewise, what about relationships? Certainly social networks can conjure up the strongest feelings from the past. Like looking into an old photograph, you see how far you’ve gone, for better or worse. How often does a person look at the profile of an old crush and asked “what if”? How many times do they chose to act on those feelings? When does the reach of the past come to close to the present? Why is there an unsettling ease with which people are willing to jeopardize their current relationships?

As it concerns Clandestine, we have to ask: what does this have to do with listening to a woman in a land far away, softly reading numbers?