Barnard College Archives

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If you are researching a person, or piece of history that at some point had crossed paths with Barnard College in New York, chances are there is a cove of information that waits for you in the Barnard College Archives.

It was a pleasure working briefly with the staff at the Barnard College Archives in our recent pursuit of an image for Juliet Stuart Poyntz. Astrid Cravens was the person who was working with us, and she was very quick in responding to our requests and dug deeper into the archives on her own initiative.

The archive has very reasonable rates and fees for the resources that they provide. In addition their site contains all of the information necessary to begin your research as well as video clips, interactive exhibits, and two separate archive searches.

Working with the archives is also a great way to get your project archived. With a keen interest on collecting and showcasing the lives and subjects that play into the history of their school, the archives request that you return a copy of your work to them that they may properly document and catalogue it along side the other items in their collection. Once Clandestine has reached completion, you will be able to find it in the Barnard College Archives.